Newest video updates regarding Blogging. Have a look at this “The Internet is Serious Business” video below:

Your neighborhood Internet: who builds it, who owns it, and why it matters.

A curious extraterrestrial and a ragtag team of New York City youth investigate the underground world of Internet infrastructure. They meet with a city council member, Verizon engineers, law professors, packet switchers, and subterranean landlords, and discover a pattern of ownership and regulation more shocking than they could have ever imagined.

Project Team:
Helki Frantzen (Teaching Artist), Brian Garrido, Darnell Lubin, Johanna Pajuelo, Kristian Roberts, with the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), Rosten Woo, Sarah Nelson Wright, Valeria Mogilevich, John Mangin, and People’s Production House, Joshua Breitbart, Alexis Walker.

If you’re interested in using The Internet is Serious…..(read more)

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