Are you looking for the Best Internet Business Opportunities from Home? Maybe you are tired of the current economy and would like to start making money online to supplement your income or even replace it. This article will detail five of the best business internet opportunities that are internet based.

This means you can start a business from anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer. Does this sound good? Let’s dive in…

Internet Business Opportunity #1 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simple to get started with and allows you to start making sales and commissions quickly.

It works by selecting a company to work with that allows you to promote their products in exchange for a fixed or varied commission structure.

Think of yourself as a salesperson for the product you are promoting. Your job is to drive traffic that is interested and to hopefully convert them into sales.

What are the best affiliate programs?

Amazon Associates – One of the oldest affiliate programs that allows you to promote Amazon products and services. Commissions are generally lower than other affiliate programs, but you have an unlimited amount of things to recommend to potential buyers.

Another benefit of the Amazon affiliate program is you can get sales for other products they buy after they have clicked on your link. The Amazon site converts very well so it is not uncommon to make money on all kinds of unrelated items!

One time I made a $250 commission on a luxury watch that was listed on Amazon (No joke)…just for referring them to the Amazon site on a product that was completely different than the watch.

You can signup for the Amazon Associates Program here

MaxBounty – This is one of the top rated CPA (Cost Per Action) networks that allow you get to paid for people taking specific actions.

CPA Marketing is a form of Affiliate Marketing that is often easier to make money with because instead of convincing people to buy a product or service…you only have to get them to fill out a form, place a phone call, or other actions to give the company you are promoting the lead.

There are all kinds of different categories to promote with CPA marketing and it is also easy to get started.

You can signup for MaxBounty here

Commission Junction – Great affiliate network to get access to multiple programs in one place. Some of the most popular online stores and services have affiliate programs here.

Commission Junction is one of my favorite affiliate networks because of the amount of programs you can get access to. Whether you want to promote web hosting, or jewelry, or software, CJ has you covered.

You can signup for Commission Junction Here

Watch this video below to learn more about selecting affiliate programs online…

Internet Business Opportunity #2 – Blogging

Blogging can be free to get started with…and anyone can begin a website online to publish content on.

What should you start a blog about?

Many ‘experts’ tell you to start a blog about what you are passionate about and the money will follow.

This is true….partially.

Internet Business Opportunities

The goal is start a blog that you can create a lot of content for AND has a lot of interest.

Let’s say your favorite hobby is collecting hornets…

You enjoy finding, capturing, and keeping hornets in your backyard.

…but…who else in their right mind enjoys capturing hornets for fun!??! (Sorry if I’ve offended anyone).

So you could spend the time to build this great blog about hornets to find out nobody really cares….AND even if they did, what could you possibly to try to recommend to them to make any money?

The best approach is to stick within one of the three big niches…that have a lot of interest, and carve out your blog in a sub niche of that.

The three big niches are:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships

A great example would be creating a blog about weight lifting for guys….where you write informative articles about different exercises and supplements…and also do reviews and recommend products that will help them to get results.

Get the idea? Make sure there is a large amount of interest and many different ways to monetize the blog. This is one of the biggest internet business opportunities there is.

How to Get Started Blogging

So now that we know what blogging is…let’s dive into how to get started.

Step 1 – Choose a Niche

As we discussed pick a niche that has interested and that allows you to make money with (the affiliate programs mentioned in the first internet business opportunity listed on this page will work well)

Step 2 – Choose a Blogging Platform

There are free and paid options here, but my recommendation (I’m biased) is WordPress. It’s free, very flexible, and allows you to build any site that you want.

Specifically I’m talking about the hosted version of WordPress…which you would need web hosting and a domain for.

It is possible to use the free blog at but I really recommend investing a little bit of money for a domain and hosting to brand yourself and have more options for the future.

You can learn more about the self hosted version of WordPress here

Go here to signup for a free hosted WordPress blog account

Other options for free blogging include Wix and Weebly.

Step 3 – Create Content

Now comes the fun part of creating content…

You can either write it yourself, or outsource to writers or even have other authors have access to your site and write on your behalf.

If you have good knowledge on the topic it is recommended that you write it yourself.

Not everyone is an award winning author (look at me)…but if you have the experience people will appreciate the value and how real it is.

If you hate writing the next best option is to outsource it to professional writers.

There are some great options on the web…just do a search for ‘article writing’ or ‘blog writing service’ and you will find what you are looking for.

Step 4 – Monetize

Include links to affiliate products, or your own products and make sure to build a list! You will be building your own asset that can be come very valuable.

If you build up your blog it is possible to also get advertisers on board that want to place banners or other ads along side your content. This can be an alternative option to affiliate marketing or trying to sell your own products.

It is possible to make a substantial income from blogging. This is one of the most evergreen online business opportunities because it will always be popular and there are many different options to be successful.

Internet Business Opportunity #3 – Print on Demand Merchandise

Have you bought a t-shirt or mug recently from Amazon, Etsy, or other online marketplace…or seen them while shopping?

Chances are the person you bought from is running a Print on Demand Merchandise business. As far as internet business opportunities go, this one may be the funnest!

The quick explanation is Print on Demand allows you to take designs and have them printed on all different kinds of merchandise….in single quantities without having to create the products yourself, or carry any inventory. You partner with a third party printing company and they do all of the hard work of fulfilling orders and shipping them out.

Your only job is to come up with unique designs that people want to buy and to list them on different marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy.

Print on Demand Opportunity

Sounds easy right?

Well it is compared to traditional e-commerce businesses, including running a drop shipping company.

You have almost zero risk and it is very quick to get started.

I have been doing this business as a side hustle for over a year and have had great success with it in my spare time.

Imagine making recurring income every month over and over from a simple t-shirt design that you uploaded from last year.

Pretty cool huh?

Click here to Get a Free Mini Course on Print on Demand Merchandise and How to Earn Money from Home


In summary….we have talked about three of the best internet business opportunities that anyone can do from home.

All it takes is some simple action to get started…

Pick the one that sounds like fun and give it a try.

We are rooting for you….and wish you much success!

Do you have a great internet business opportunity that I missed? Drop a comment below and let’s chat about it.




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