Internet Marketing Business Opportunities

Are they really worth the trouble?

By Hector Vargas

These days, jobs are scarce, but expenses continue to escalate. Sounds familiar? Are you facing such a situation?

To counter this problem, many people are looking at Internet Marketing Business Opportunities as possible solutions. This has been brought about by the outlandish claims of some, so called “Internet Marketing Gurus.” True or false, as those claims might be, they have certainly brought many people into the industry.

Also, the present state of the international economy and employment outlook are forcing people to look for alternative ways of generating a steady and adequate income.

So, how do you make money on the Internet?

First of all, you must understand that, like any other businesses, Internet Marking Business Opportunities have their advantages and disadvantages, require a certain level of knowledge and expertise, lots of patience and perseverance, and also luck.


The main one is its vastness. The knowledge that you need to succeed and the competition you face could be overwhelming. A Google search for the phrase “Internet Marketing Business Opportunities” done at the time of this writing produced 95.700.000 results. A more recent search produced 443,000,000 results.

In order to be successful, you would need to be multi-skilled in: writing, data entry, computer programming, graphic designing, selling, teaching, public speaking, etc., or have enough capital to outsource whatever you cannot do yourself.

But the objective of this site is not to dissuade, rather to encourage you to start your own business. So here are some advantages as I see them:

Easy to start

Many successful Internet marketers have started their business on the kitchen table with nothing more than an idea, a personal computer, an internet connection, and a few dollars.

Most of the Information and tools required are readily available

Indeed, there are abundant free and paid-for resources. The price you pay does not necessarily reflect their quality. There is great free information and bad paid-for information and vice versa. The same goes with resources. And, yes, there are also a ot of scammers. They´d offer a product that promises to solve all your problems and later disappear and you have no way of getting your money back. Only buy from reputable market places such as: Clickbanck, Amazon, eBay, JVZoo, Commission Juanctions. etc. They opperate under very stick rules and offer a refund from 30 to 60 days.

No limitations

Well, in reality, not many. You can reach the whole world from your kitchen and compete on a level field with the biggest in your particular niche. If you are good enough, you can even displace them.

No money limitations

Potentially at least, you can get unlimited income. CAVEAT: There is a bit of statistics going around that points out that 95% of people involved in Internet marketing fail to make any money at all, but I do not know its source or how reliable it is.

Can be started with very little capital

There are ways in which you can get started with virtually no capital and still make big money. It depends on the niche you select, your knowledge of it, your ability to present it, and the quality of your offering, among other things.

Google is the great director in this stage. If you can offer something great to its searchers, Google with reward you with visitors who’d click on your ads and purchase what you offer.

So how do you make money, then?

There are many ways. I will only list a few of the most common.


A Google division that will pay you for displaying ads on your blog or webpage. They charge advertisers for what they call: Cost Per Click (CPC) when people clck on the ads and pay you a percentage of that charge.

Affiliate Marketing

Many marketing companies (vendors) rely on other marketers and their blogs or webpages, etc. to bring clients to their offers. You select a product or products related to your niche and place ads (banners, articles, videos, etc, on your blog or webpage or anywhere else, which, when clicked, will redirect the visitor to the vendor’s sales page and, if they decide to buy the product, you will be paid a commission which can be as high as 75% of the price. There are several clearing houses for these type of offers: Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, Paydotcom, etc. This is the most common way to make money online.

CPA Offers

Similar to the two above. you advertise someone else’s product and when people click on your ads and end up acting on the offer (The Action) you will be paid. Called: Cost Per Action pays much higher rates than CPC. Again, there are several companies that offer these opportunities.

Sell Your Own Products

You could create a blog or webpage to sell your own products or services. You can also sell them through the clearing houses mentioned above using the marketers affiliated with them to multiply your sales force without the need to employ anyone. If your product or service is only available locally, you can take advantage of “Google + Local” depending on where you are. The service may not be available everywhere yet.

By the way, many of the products sold through the Internet are not really created by their sellers. Many are re-adapted PLR products. PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

There many more ways…..

The main purpose of this site is, precisely, to earn money on-line by helping others do the same.

We provide guidance and many products and services, where we act as affiliates for the vendors and earn a commission selling them, that can be used and re-sold at a reasonable price and still make you a good income.

In our site you will find: Manuals, Information E-books, Software and plugins, hosting services, graphic design, etc.

We believe that, just like in any other business, entrepreneurs need many resources even before they actually start their business, but there is absolutely no need to go overboard spending before you start making any serious money. In fact, you could start your business almost with no money. We can show you how and provide you with some excellent free resources.

Look under:

Private Label Rights, and Master Resell Rights,, etc. Where you can buy all the information and resources you need at dirt-chea*p prices–even fr*ee. Then sell them many times over at a good profit.

Network Marketing Business Opportunities. Where you can add the power of multiplication and residual income to your business. Two special offers are being promoted here right now.

So How Do you Get started? Well, very easily. In Internet markiting we do a lot of business just “Clickin,” so click on the big button below to let the process begin…. but, take note, you must be over 18 years old, or whaterver age makes you be considered an adult in your country:

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