Profit from Buying and Selling Resell Rights

WHAT ARE RESELL RIGHTS? (Also known as: Resale Rights)

One can easily buy any item, but, in order to sell it, one requires permission from the author or the owner of the copyright of the product in mention.

If you find a product that you like, or consider valuable to other people, you would be wise to consider selling it for a profit. Particularly if your financial situation is in dire straits. Better yet, if you obtain, either by purchasing them or for free, the rights to sell both the product and also the resell rights to it.

Nowadays, due to the great advances in computer and communication technology available, the selling of information ebooks, videos, movies, software, etc. can be done very effectively and fast this way

There are basically three types of resell rights that you can obtain:

* Resell Rights
* Master Resell Rights, and
* Private Label Rights

Resell Rights give you the right to sell a product and keep 100% of the profit obtained, but you may not sell to your customers the resell rights to the product.

Master Resell Rights give you the right to sell both the product an also the resell rights to the product. This increases the value of the product significantly, because your customer may resell the product for a profit, too.

Private Label Rights include all the above, but they also allow you to change the author’s work and, in some cases, even place your name on it as the author as if it had indeed been created entirely by you. Great if you want to create a name for yourself.

I did say, “basically” at the beginning. So, before you buy any resale rights, make sure you read the actual rights the seller is giving to you. Aim for “UNRESTRICTED PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS.”

Great fortunes are now being made in this segment of the market.

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United we stand, …….

By Hector Vargas

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