Any Colombian, or person residing in Colombia, who is interested in Internet Marketing beware!


Note: IMPORTANT UPDATE……… February 21, 2014  — PAYPAL NOW OFFERS PAYMENTS TO COLOMBIANS… We are still checking things out, but I have received verbal confirmation that Colombians can now receive payments to a Visa Credit Card associated with their account.  I will confirm all the detais as soon as possible. GREAT NEWS!

At the time of this revision, 19 Aug 2012, PayPal doesn’t yet offer payments to Colombian based Internet Marketers.  Change on its way now.

You could live there, but you’d need to have a way to receive your payments somewhere else. Usually, you would require a bank account in the USA to receive your payments.

This is not a policy that applies only to Colombia. There are many other countries in the same position. You’d just have to ensure your country is in the group of countries PayPal does send payments to.

To find out whether or not PayPal offers payment services directly to your country, enter Paypal’s site < > and, at the bottom of the page, click on the first menu item at the footer <About PayPal> Once there, click on  the last menu item at the footer of that page <Worldwide>

You will land on a page titled: We get where you’re coming from, Scroll down to your continent and country. So, if your country is listed there you can “Spend and receive safely over borders.” You will have to check with your Credit Card provider whether or not your account is cleared to receive Paypal Funds.

Does anyone know a way or a company that does make payments to Colombia? Well, there is one on the way.

Get in touch with me to get advance information on it. It might change your life!


By Hector Vargas

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